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GraphQL supports adding descriptions to types, fields, and arguments and more. These descriptions are used by tools like Graphiql and editor integrations to provide context to developers.

Grats makes it easy to populate these descriptions and keep them in sync with the implementaiton by using the leading free text in your docblocks as that construct's description.


Both TypeScript and GraphQL expect descriptions to be written in Markdown.

See Comment Syntax for more details.


* A registered user of the system.
* @gqlType
class User {
* A friendly greeting for the user, intended for
* their first visit.
* @gqlField
hello(args: {
/** The salutation to use */
greeting: string;
}): string {
return `${args.greeting} World`;

Depending upon your version of TypeScript, descriptions with a @ symbol in their text, for example a GitHub handle, may get truncated. To avoid this, you can wrap the tag in quotes or backticks.

/** This comment was added by `@captbaritone`. */



In some cases, TypeScript does not support "attaching" docblock comments to certain constructs. In these cases, Grats is currently unable to extract descriptions.

For example, Grats is not currently able to attach descriptions to enum values defined using a type union.

/** @gqlEnum */
type GreetingStyle =
/** For a business greeting */
| "formal"
/** For a friendly greeting */
| "casual";

Will incorrectly extract this GraphQL:

enum GreetingStyle {