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GraphQL enums can be defined by placing a @gqlEnum docblock directly before a:

  • TypeScript enum declaration
  • Type alias of a union of string literals
* A description of my enum.
* @gqlEnum <optional name of the enum, if different from type name>
enum MyEnum {
/** A description of my variant */
OK = "OK",
/** A description of my other variant */

Note that the values of the enum are used as the GraphQL enum values, and must be string literals.

To mark a variants as deprecated, use the @deprecated JSDoc tag directly before it:

/** @gqlEnum */
enum MyEnum {
OK = "OK"
/** @deprecated Please use OK instead. */

We also support defining enums using a union of string literals, however there are some limitations to this approach:

  • You cannot add descriptions to enum values
  • You cannot mark enum values as deprecated

This is due to the fact that TypeScript does not see JSDoc comments as "attaching" to string literal types.

/** @gqlEnum */
type MyEnum = "OK" | "ERROR";